MAEA Research Commission


Mission Statement 

The MAEA Research Commission strives to make available research opportunities, discussions, and resources about research for art teachers, artists, museum educators, and professionals in art education. The Research Commission works to meet the needs of practitioners with ongoing visual arts education inquiry and research interests. Making practitioners aware of the benefits and long lasting impact of their ideas and that research can be exploratory, meaningful, fun and invigorating is important. We believe that research is critical for sustaining the ideas we have as practitioners in moving our knowledge forward — sharing with our community members, the national community, and those interested in learning and reflection. Research means becoming a reflective practitioner: to learn, discover, document, write, explore, re-examine, and share.


Research Commission Strategic Goals (Adopted, January 20, 2014. Revised October 20, 2016)


1. Collaboration, Community, Commitment:

The Research Commission supports research and practice with art educators, artists, museum educators, professors, and professionals in art education to improve practice, teaching, and learning. We encourage collaboration with the greater community of art professionals and exercise leadership in research through research study groups.

2. Communication and Advanced Dialogue:

The Research Commission asks our members to communicate, stay connected, and collaborate with each other about their interests, ideas, and professional ventures in how they can translate them into exciting research opportunities.

3. Improve Visual Arts Education Research and Professional Practice:

The Research Commissions advocates for a research culture that is meaningful, exploratory, and vibrant which informs practice, theory, and policy.

4. Writing, Documenting, and Expansion:

The Research Commission helps and encourages members to write and develop their research skills, record their ideas, lessons, interests, and artwork as research to improve their professional practice and teaching. We encourage members to submit their writing to the MAEA Research Division website, State, National, and International publications.

5. Learning, Reflection, and Taking Action:

The Research Commission manages a website that is interactive to its members which encourages reflection of practice and dialogue with other members interested in research. We utilize resources from art education books, articles, magazines, newspapers, etc. to maximum learning potential as educational settings are strengthened through knowledge gained from visual arts research. We strive to have a robust research website available for art educators to use as a resource and incorporate research into their art-making process and teaching.


NAEA Research Agenda