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Voices From the Manor View Elementary Art Room

By Katelyn Black (Grades 1-5)

When thinking about the all of the projects I have done so far this school year, one of the biggest things that comes to mind is a recent project I did with my 2nd graders which is based upon the artwork of Elizabeth Murray. When I first introduced the project to my students, I showed a video of Elizabeth Murray in her actual studio, which got my students really motivated because they were able to get a glimpse of the space she worked in. They were amazed how big her paintings were. I spoke to my students about how she used “organic shapes” in her artwork, which are unlike the “geometric shapes” that they learn about in Math class. I had my students start drawing organic shapes, and it was challenging for them at first. After having my students practice drawing, and coming up with their own random organic shapes, they were more excited.

I loved this project because it got my students to think outside of the box and make artwork that was abstract. I had them write  reflections about their artwork, and it was a lot of fun to read their titles their artworks and why.

Katelyn Black is an art teacher and PBIS coach at Manor View Elementary and Odenton Elementary schools in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. Published December 1, 2016. 



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