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Here are some great resources on bullying, harassment, and discrimination for research purposes and for the classroom. If you are interested in submitting resources to our bullying page please send your information to Ben Tellie at Thank you for your support!


Bullying Resources

Is it Really Bullying (1)

How to Intervene to Stop Bullying


Dignity for All Students Act in NYC 

Dignity for All Students Act Homepage (NYC) 

DASA Resource Guide 

NYC Dept of Ed- Respect For All 

Pacer Bullying Statistics 


Prominent Figures 

Ash Beckham 

Clint Smith 

Derald Wing Sue 

Jay Smooth

Kid President 

Proud To Be 

Rita Pierson 


Websites and Resources An Educator’s Guide to Combat Bullying and Bully Prevention

Guide to Workplace Bullying Sponsored by Smart Pension, by Maureen Sanford

Wristband Resources: Bullying by the Numbers: A Breakdown of Bullying Statistics and Facts, by Michele Wheat


Ability Path: Walk A Mile in Their Shoes 

Bully Project 

Carol Dweck- Mindset 


 Dialogue Arts Project 

Facing History and Ourselves 


 It Gets Better 

Kid’s Guide to Working Out Conflicts 

Let’s Get Real 

Maya Gonzalez Curriculum 

Mosaic Project 


Not In Our Town 

Ophelia Project (handling relational aggression) 

Stop Bullying 

Susan Eva Porter- Bully Nation 

Teaching Tolerance

We are a Culture, not a Costume Poster Campaign

Cynthia Bickely-Green, Visual Arts Education: Teaching a Peaceful Response to Bullying

Benjamin Tellie and Josh Dracup, Exploring Bullying Through Artmaking, Art Education Journal